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Plumbing and Earthworks services for rural areas of the South West of WA

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Oasis plumbing and Civil was founded in January 2018 as a contracting business to serve both domestic and commercial customers across the South West of WA. 

We focus on providing plumbing, earthworks and installation contracting for the larger domestic and commercial install work for people and businesses who rely on their own water.

Earthworks, pipe laying and more

10 Years Experience

Experienced and qualified to work on domestic and commercial water and sewerage installs, drainage, hot water systems, poly pipe welding and gas installations.

Specialist Services

We serve customers in rural and remote parts of the South West who rely on non-mains water. Also serving commercial and mine sites who are not on mains water.

Best Service Guarantee

We guarantee to deliver excellent workmanship and the correct solution for your plumbing requirements.

Our Services

Pipe Repairs And Blockages

We install new pipe and modify current pipe systems to suit whatever your needs are.   

We are experienced in working with above ground and buried pipework and have the excavation and earth moving equipment to get the job completed quickly and economically.

Sewerage Installs And Sewer Conversions

We are experienced and equipped to install sewerage mains for a wide range of applications.

Whether it's an extension to a system that has already been installed or a new main for a new house or building then we can complete that.

Repairs To Septic Tanks And Leach Drains

One of the bad things that can happen when you treat your own sewerage on site is that your system can stop working.

It might block up, fill up with sludge or the leach drains might be blocked up and no longer working.

Site Works, Excavation And Rubble Removal

When you need a large hole dug, or a trench for a new pipe for a power cable then we have the gear to do do the job right the first time.

We are equipped and experienced to work on commercial and industrial sites as well so we know what to do and how to do it.

Water Tanks, Pump Systems And Filtration

When you are reliant on yourself for your water supply, then you need to have a reliable water tank.

When you start to have cracks or leaks in your water tank, then we can come out to site, assess the options and then repair it. 

Drainage, Soak Wells And Stormwater

When it starts to rain, then the water all needs to go somewhere.

Having a properly designed and installed storm water drainage system is vital to making sure your house is dry and safe during winter and you don't get caught out when it really pours down. 

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A knowledgeable  and experienced plumbing service for people and businesses who rely on their own water