About Us

Oasis Plumbing and Civil was founded in January 2018 as a contracting business to serve both domestic and commercial customers across the South West of WA. The 2 directors, Tyson Armstrong and Tim Sevenson came up with the idea of expanding the type of work done at their current employer. They also needed to be able to provide plumbing, earthworks and installation contracting to customers in the South West.

Tyson is a plumber and gas fitter by trade with nearly 10 years experience in a range of construction and maintenance environments. He is experienced in operating a wide range earthmoving machinery and prides himself on an excellent workmanship and providing the correct solution to the customer.

Tim has 15 years experience in the wine, agricultural and water industries. He has an excellent knowledge of electrical and control systems, pumps, water treatment and filtration, pipework and hydraulics and irrigation. He is experienced in operation of a wide range of construction machinery and also has his restricted electrical license and his poly welding qualifications. Tim’s role in the business is mainly in the sales, estimating and marketing but also in assisting in operations in the field.

We offer our customers a knowledgeable  and experienced plumbing service with a particular focus on:

  1. Customers in rural and remote parts of the South West who rely on non-mains water for their water supply and have to treat their own sewerage.
  2. Commercial and mine sites that are not on mains supply and need safe and reliable water supplies and proper treatment of wastewater and sewerage.
  3. Excavation and pipe laying for pressure, sewer and drainage. We also can join HDPE pipe with butt weld equipment up to 355mm and we can fabricate HDPE pipe manifolds, floats and other components.