Drainage Soak Wells and Stormwater

You may have hear of a Soak Well but what does it do?

When it starts to rain, then the water all needs to go somewhere.

Having a properly designed and installed stormwater drainage system is vital to making sure your house is dry and safe during winter and you don’t get caught out when it really pours down.

At Oasis plumbing and Civil, we can install a number of solutions for getting rid of stormwater:

  1. We can install your gutters and drainage to take the water out to your rainwater tank and keep your tank full.
  2. If you don’t have a tank then we can install quality trafficable concrete or poly soak wells to allow the stormwater to drain away quickly and easily stopping your yard from being a muddy mess.
  3. If you need to get your driveway or yard to stop flooding and you have a lot of stormwater, we can design a much larger soakwell or concrete storm drain system to move the water out and away from your property. We are experienced in installing heavy concrete drainage pits and drain pipework that is trafficable and reliable.
  4. When you have a major flood in a basement or low area and there is simply nowhere for the water to go, then we can help you install an automatic sump pump system using a reliable Davey or Grundfos pump to move the water out when the rain starts to fall and prevent the flood from happening. This gives you peace of mind that your assets are protected when the rain starts to fall.
  5. If its one downpipe or a massive carpark drain, we have the experience and equipment to handle installing your drainage properly the first time so that there are no issues and the system does what its supposed to do.