Pipe Installs and Repairs

Oasis Plumbing and Civil has the experience and equipment to carry out all your general domestic and commercial plumbing work.

Pipe Installs

We install new pipe and modify current pipe systems to suit whatever your needs are. We are experienced in working with above ground and buried pipework and have the excavation and earthmoving equipment to get the job completed quickly and economically.

We are experienced with  PVC (in both pressure up to Pn18 and drainage), HDPE (poly ) including butt welding high pressure and electrofusion (EF) , copper (using press fit and solder welding), galvanised steel and concrete.

Pipe Repairs

We are also experienced and equipped to carry out pipe repairs on a wide range of pipe materials. When you have a broken pipe under your sink or a blown 250mm mainline, we have the equipment and experience to get the job done and get you back and running again.

Once we have installed or repaired the pipework, we then also have the equipment to pressure test all the work we have done so you can be sure it will meet Australian standards and hold the pressure that you need to work at. We have large pressure testing gear and equipment to also test large mainlines and have tested to Water Corporation standards on a number of occasions.

When there is sewerage flowing down your driveway or a flood that is just not going away, we are the people to call.  We can identify where the blockage is and then unblock the sewer or drains so it starts doing its job. We will then repair the cause of the blockage to make sure it doesn’t keep happening. If you need a pump installed to really get things moving, then we have the experience and access to a quality Grundfos or Davey drainage pump to get rid of the water fast.

We are also licensed class G Gasfitters so if you need a new stove installed, a hot water system replaced or a gas line run for a new piece of factory equipment, then we can help. We only use quality press connections and weld fittings so you can be assured that you are getting a high-quality connection every time.