Septic Tank Repairs And Leach Drains

One of the bad things that can happen when you treat your own sewerage on site is that your system can stop working. It might block up, fill up with sludge or the leach drains might be blocked up and no longer working.

When this happens sometimes you might just need to get the sewer unblocked or the septic tank has filled up completely with sludge and needs to be pumped out with a suck truck. These are simple and easy and form part of the normal maintenance of a septic or ATU system.

What can be a bigger problem is when the blockage is in the leach drain. This can be caused by sludge or nutrient build up in the leach soil, the leach drain tanks have broken or collapsed in some way or there are large amounts of plant roots that have penetrated the leach drain and have formed a root ball. We have a lot of problems in the South West of WA with Kikuyu grass, this prevalent turf and pasture grass forms some very strong and powerful root systems and can easily break or block up leach drains. This causes them to stop draining properly and then the system backs up and no longer works.

We have the equipment to come out to the site, excavate the problems drainage and then work out what the cause is. Once the problem is solved we will then replace any broken sections of the drain, recover with fresh geofabric and bury it in clean blue metal and drainage sand. The septage waste from cleaning out your leach drain is also hazardous so we will remove that off-site and dispose of it legally and properly.

Another option is to leave the failed leach drain in place, abandon its use completely and then convert your treatment over to a Fujiclean ATU. This makes your sewerage treatment much less polluting and smelly and provides a supply of irrigation water for keeping the lawn green or watering a hedge or some trees on your property.

It may also be cheaper and easier than removing the old system and replacing it if it has completely failed.