Sewerage Installs and Sewer Conversions

We are experienced and equipped to install sewerage mains for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s an extension to a system that has already been installed or a new main for a new house or building then we can complete that.

When you have a site with difficult soil or a tricky slope then talk to us. We are experienced in finding the best solution for the site and if we need to innovate to get the system just right then we are willing to think outside the square.

We are also experienced at sizing up and installing sewerage pump stations when there is just no other option. We only use quality components and reliable and recognised controllers and pumps, from both Grundfos and Davey.

If your sewer is connected to the mains system, we can organise the tie-in and approvals so the conversion is seamless and the system does its job with a minimum of maintenance and fuss.

When you are away from the mains system though, you need a sewerage treatment system that is going to be safe, reliable, not cost a fortune to operate and minimise pollution. In WA today, the regulations are getting stricter because of the number of problems in off-mains areas with leaching off sewerage and nutrients into bore water and people getting sick from exposure to improperly treated sewerage.

We can offer customers a wide range of options when it comes to treating their sewerage flows. We generally start by sizing the system properly to suit the application and then look at the site and any conditions that will make treatment and disposal difficult. With a lot of high groundwater levels and heavy clays in the South West, then getting the proper system installed the first time for treating your sewerage is very important.

We generally start with the conventional septic tank and leach drain system for sites that are simple and have good soil conditions and a bit of space. These systems can be very economical, with installation coming in around $10,000, and are very low maintenance and use no power to operate.

When the groundwater conditions or the way your house is set out means that you can’t run your sewerage all downhill using gravity, then sometimes a pump needs to be installed and possibly “inverted” or raised leach drains need to be used to allow the treated sewerage to evaporate and the nutrients used up prior to any contamination of groundwater.

In many sites now in WA, the local government is now stipulating that septic tanks are not allowed to be installed and that you need to use an ATU. An ATU (or Aerobic Treatment Unit) sewerage system is a sealed tank system that actively pumps and aerates the sewerage that is produced and then breaks this down to a small amount of sludge and a very high quality treated effluent water. This water can then be used to irrigate out in your garden and allows disposal without the risk of contamination.