Aquarius Wastewater Systems

In many areas of WA, there is no mains sewerage available.  In some locations a septic tank and leach drain system is allowed to be installed, but for many areas this is no longer an option local council will allow. For these sites, an Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) type of sewerage system is the only option for domestic or commercial treatment of sewerage. Oasis Plumbing has recently been certified to install and carry out the regular servicing on the WA manufactured Aquarius Wastewater range of sewerage systems. 

Aquarius manufacture a range of domestic and commercial ATU systems in Balcatta, WA. All their systems are certified by the WA department of health as approved Alternative treatment systems  for use in WA. 


All Aquarius ATU system are required by their approval to be serviced by a certified agent every 6 months. Our team has been factory trained by Aquarius to service systems, ensuring that they are maintained properly and keep working as well as when they were installed.   Contact Us to book in a service on your ATU system. 

Aquarius Systems

Aquarius Wastewater system are designed to take all the wastewater (sewerage or blackwater) from your house and then treat it. The water is treated to a high standard s o the water can be either irrigated or leached out to an area in your backyard and be used to irrigate an area of garden or lawn.  There are options within the range that allow above ground spray irrigation, subsurface drip irrigation or disposal using leach drains. With the DS agencies flatbed leach drain system that Aquarius recommends, the systems can be utilized where there is a very high groundwater table, allowing you to not require a massive volume of sand fill to raise the disposal area up away from the groundwater. For environmentally sensitive areas, the O-2NR and O-3 models further treat the water to reduce phosphorous and nitrogen levels, making these two ATU models classified as nutrient retentive, and this may be the only option if your site has been classified as especially sensitive by the department of environment.

1 – 5 BedroomsO-3 ATUO-2 NR ATUO-2 ATU
6 – 9 BedroomsO-3 3KL ATUO-2 NR 3KL ATUO-2 3KL ATU


 O-3O-2 NRO-2
System Features Poly/Duralen Plastic or Concrete Tank ConstructionYESYESYES
Nutrient Retentive (Phosphorous removal)YESYES
Ozone DisinfectionYES
Recycles all wastewater through irrigation into gardens, orchards, etc.YESYESYES
Supplied complete with irrigation components, electrical components and pumpsYESYESYES
Footprint required approx 6m x 2.5m x 2m**YESYESYES
Low Energy useYESYESYES
Irrigation Area
Above Ground YES
Dripper Irrigation Sub-SurfaceYESYESYES
Dripper Irrigation Irrigation area in sandy soil conditions – *150m2YESYESYES
Other Disposal options Leach Drains / Soakwells / Aquasafe DrainsYESYESYES
Maintenance Service calls per year as per DoH WA requirements2 (6 monthly)2 (6 monthly)2 (6 monthly)
Manufacturers Warranties
Poly/Duralen Plastic Tanks 15 years YESYESYES
Orange Pumps 1 year YESYESYES
Irrigation and Electrical components 1 yearYESYESYES
Approvals Fully approved by the WA Department of HealthYESYESYES
Australian Standards approved AS/NZS 1546.3YESYESYES
Why choose Aquarius
Wholly owned West Australian Company
Manufactured in Western AustraliaYESYESYES
Extensive Support Network covering all of WA
Local Agents fully trained and registered with Department of Health WA
Primary Tank
Retains the solids and uses aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to breakdown the BOD5 levels in the sewage.YESYESYES
Alum Tank
Doses the Clarifying chamber of the Treatment tank with Alum. Alum acts as a flocculent to remove the nutrients and suspended solids and settle them to the bottom of the tank for further aerobic bacteria breakdown.YESYES
Treatment Tank
Secondary / Aeration Chamber YESYESYES
Incorporates aeration to further break down BOD5 and nitrates.
Clarifying Chamber YESYESYES
The Clarifying Chamber provides a settling and clarifying period for the water prior to discharge.
Discharge Chamber YESYESYES
The Discharge chamber contains the Discharge Pump to pump the treated water out to irrigation or other disposal methods.
Ozonation Pump YES
Ozone is a powerful disinfectant, many times more effective than chlorine and kills all bacteria. 3mg/L Ozone concentration
DoH WA ATU Water Quality Criteria
<30mg/L suspended solidsYESYESYES
<10 E.coli/100mlYES
>3mg/L Ozone concentrationYES
<1mg/L (98.5%) TP (% removal)YESYES
<10mg/L (97.8%) TN (% removal)YESYESYES

We can assist you with sizing the correct system for your property, then selecting the best layout to suit your plumbing system. We can then design the best layout for the irrigation or leach drain field to fit in with your back yard . We also deal with all approvals and certification required through the local government or if its a commercial system through the department of health. This can sometimes be a long and stressful process getting the correct forms in place and answering alot of technical and complex questions. We have alot of experience dealing with the approvals agencies and can get the best solution approved for you with the correct authority.