Site Works, Excavation and Rubble Removal

When you need a large hole dug, or a trench for a new pipe for a power cable then we have the gear to do do the job right the first time.

We have a 5 ton and 1.8-ton excavator, a 12t dump truck and a bobcat loader and we are mobile. We can also hire in and operate a larger 7t loader and 25t excavator for when the job gets larger and you need the right tools.

We can quickly and easily get out to site anywhere in the South West and do the job you need to be done. We are equipped and experienced to work on commercial and industrial sites as well so we know what to do and how to do it.

We are able to do:

General excavation and site clearing.

  1. Sand pads and levelling for houses, sheds and water tanks.
  2. Trenches for pipes, conduits, cables and drains.
  3. Root and stump removal and cleaning up your site for building or landscaping your garden.
  4. Excavating the hole and assisting with the burial of large farm animals. We are both farm-raised and have strong stomachs and have buried cows, horses and sheep for many people in the past.
  5. Drainage banks, culverts and crossovers.
  6. Road crossings and sleeves for services. We can also do asphalt repairs when the road needs to get cut up to cross it.
  7. Concrete forming and pouring for footings, drains and other jobs.
Ripping out roots and moving trees
Digging out topsoil
Cutting and cleaning out debris
The finished product
Filling the site to get it level
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