Water Tanks Pumps and Filtration

As most of our customers are operating in the country areas, then running off rainwater or bore water is essential. When you are reliant on yourself for your water supply, then you need to have a reliable water tank.

When you start to have cracks or leaks in your water tank, then we can come out to the site, assess the options and then repair it.

Depending on the material the tank is made from, then you may be able to line the tank with a new HDPE liner or if it’s a concrete tank then it could simply have the cracks sealed up with a concrete repair mortar.

Sometimes the roof on your tank has also collapsed and then you will need to get it repaired or replaced. We fabricate engineered roof trusses and use quality Zincalume or Colourbond roof sheeting to replace broken or rusted roof sheets so that your tank will last another 20 years. We are also happy to quote on insurance repairs and replacements.

When the tank is beyond repair, then we can also offer you some high-quality options for a new tank in either the Pioneer steel liner tank or a poly or fibreglass tank from West Coast Poly or Tanks West.

If you need a new pump or a filtration system for your water, we have a massive range of quality options to choose from through our sister company Southern’s Water Technology. We only offer Davey, Grundfos and Franklin bore pumps along with a wide range of cartridge and media water filters to make your water clean and if you need a UV steriliser to make your tank water safe, then we have a range of flow rates from 30L/min up to 250L/min so your water supply will always be safe.